Avoidable expenses and lost energy production add up fast. How much do they cost you?

Leverage AI to increase production, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency of renewable assets

Boost energy production

OEMs have little incentive to optimize your energy output. Traditional methods of asset performance management (APM) can be time consuming and costly, and they don’t provide the actionable insights needed to make future improvements.

With SparkCognition’s AI-enabled APM solution for clean energy, your project can achieve higher production and substantial improvements to the bottom line.

Minimize downtime and risk

Machine learning-based predictive analytics provide accurate, actionable insights that help operators avoid unexpected downtime and costs.

Asset failures can be predicted with very high accuracy, up to six months in advance, saving up to $150,000 per event, through optimized repair scheduling.

风, 太阳能, 水电, and energy storage operators gain advance warning to plan corrective actions and optimize maintenance scheduling for emergent asset failures before they even happen.

Improve efficiency

Operational efficiency is critical when managing expensive renewable assets where O&M costs have a significant impact on the bottom line. With the exceptional amount of data at hand, there are many opportunities to improve operational efficiency and boost productivity.

SparkCognition enables operators to leverage AI and cloud computing to dramatically improve efficiency, unify data silos and create a holistic operational view, and reduce the burden of manually intensive tasks like reporting and workforce scheduling.

“Renew Energy chose the 系综 platform from SparkCognition to help us maximize the value of the O&M services we provide our wind energy customers. We have seen significant gains in operational efficiency with the 系综 platform, and the team at SparkCognition works closely with our internal team to continuously increase the platform’s functionality.”

Wade Weichman, Technical Director
RENEW Energy

Reduce unexpected downtime

Get notice of pending asset failures up to 6 months in advance, reducing risk and preserving uptime. Our solutions have been able to identify a significant percentage of production-impacting events.

Minimize operational costs

Machine learning-based predictive analytics unlock new modes of visibility into complex operations, identifying precursors to system failures. Our solutions have been shown to save as much as $150,000 per event through optimized repair scheduling.

Optimize asset performance

Advanced behavior modeling flags underperformance from actual observations and system behavior within the contextual environment, improving production output and ROI.

Streamline decision making

Prescriptive analytics utilize both structured and unstructured data to improve the decision-making process in real-time. Our solutions can recommend and analyze the effects of different potential plans of action and even help set a chosen plan into motion.

Securing your assets secures your business

Operational Technology (OT) assets for critical infrastructure are popular targets for hackers. Preventing 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks, SparkCognition provides highly trusted, award-winning protection against zero-day ransomware, 病毒, 恶意软件, 和更多的.

Rapidly scale AI

SparkCognition’s cloud-based SaaS solution can be deployed quickly and scales efficiently across asset types including wind, 太阳能, 水电 and energy storage operations.

Find out how SparkCognition can protect, monitor, and optimize your operations.